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The previous post was about the successful drilling for oil and how that event change the history of the world. I forgot to add a link, so here it is:–a-Chaotic-Affair

While French Creek is another major resource in the northwestern Pennsylvania region, it perhaps doesn’t have the glamorous and fateful role of oil. Nonetheless, the Old River was an important transportation route long before and during the colonization period. It is an often forgotten story.

Yet, the creek remains one of the most ecologically undisturbed waterways in almost the entire North American continent. It’s environmental resources are superb after all these years. It is a good place just to spend some time, and by very good fortune, I have live close to the west branch, enjoyed it’s swimming and fishing holes, watched the eagles, caught minnows and searched for mussels. Like many of the locals, there is a favorite camping spot, a quiet place on the Old River.

And I watched in fascination at it’s fury.

So, perhaps in a sense, the Old River has changed history, even world history.

Eagles are a more common sight along the entire 117 miles of French Creek.

Eagles are a more common sight along the entire 117 miles of French Creek.

 What if the French would have won? And if the creek wasn’t there, would the needed supplies for the War of 1812 made it to the naval fleets on Lake Erie? What if the Brits had won?

There will be more posts coming on both oil and the old river and many other points of interest nearly forgotten. But for now, if you want check out this link for French Creek, the Old River which really did have an important historical role:



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