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Maple Syrup is an old tradition.

Maple Syrup is an old tradition.

Tomorrow, March 10th is the full moon. There are different names for this moon, most of which originated from Native American cultures.

One name given this moon is the Full Worm Moon. Worms are getting more active as the ground begins to soften and worm castings are more visible. Earthworms really are pretty important for the soil and for anyone growing a vegetable garden. I guess if you like robins or fishing, worms are also important.

Another name is the Full Crow Moon. The crows are more active than have been all winter. Crows have a unique history with mankind and in some Native cultures were seen as messengers which uttered prophecy.

The Full Sugar Moon is another common variation for the last full moon of winter. The sap is flowing and it is time for maple syrup production. It was an important activity for Nations in this area, the Senecas and the Eriez, as well as the early settlers.

Many different organizations and maple syrup producers still recreate and have open tours about the art of making maple syrup. It is fascinating and tasty but takes a lot of hard work. It is a lot different from the colored, sugary syrup on supermarket shelves. Actually, there is no comparison.

I vote for the official name to be the Full Sugar Moon even though I like worms and crows. Syrup just tastes better.


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