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Here goes –

Climate Change

As most of us already know, the Republican Party’s National Convention is about to open in Tampa. It seems almost certain that Hurricane Issac will likely disrupt the big party and that has been the focus of the news reports. Unfortunately, those in Haiti and other poor islands will be somewhat forgotten with all the attention on the GOP and Tampa.

Romney, who will soon be the official nominee of the GOP along with Paul Ryan, recently revealed an energy policy which is centered on more fossil fuels, more drilling in our coastal areas and land surfaces. Big oil companies do not have the best reputation when it comes to the environment. Where are the controls?

Besides, a vast majority of scientists claim that the use of fossil fuels is directly related to climate change/global warming. The energy plan,as proposed by Romney/Ryan, appears to disregard alternative energy sources such as solar and wind power. Personally, I think it’s a backward step and a pat on the back for Big Oil and Gas.

The USA has been under a severe drought ever since spring and experienced the hottest July ever.  The drought could very possibly effect food prices, the environment and the quality of our lives and the lives of those to follow us. It should be noted that, while locally we had the heat, we also had the rains, which helped the local corn and soybean crops.

Locally, last winter was almost non-existent. Hardly, a person can recall such a timid winter; ask any maple sugar producer. The season was earlier than ever and was short lived because of the balmy temperatures.  Wonder about this upcoming winter.

What do you think, fact or fairy tale. or somewhere in between?

Some of the sources used:

Why Koyote? – From: KoyoteHill..stop by for a visit.

Coyotes were important animals in Native American folklore: “In Native American folklore, the coyote is a “trickster” character who participated in the creation of the world and gave names to many of the other creatures and things of the earth. Sometimes the Coyote character was so mischievous and involved in his own trickery that he would trick himself. According to Trickster myths, this is why there are so many mistakes in the way things are in the world (Sams 89). In the Native way of thinking, Coyote medicine is in the world to teach us to laugh at ourselves and not take things too seriously. There are thousands of stories about Coyote, the Trickster.

“Coyote is playful and fun loving and is usually found to the South on the Medicine Wheel. A Navajo friend says he watched a Coyote suddenly jump up in the air for no apparent purpose except for the fun of it and then continue on the previous path across the desert. Coyote reminds us to bring the happy childlike quality into our adult lives.” from:


About seven years, I got a dog, the best I have ever owned and called him “Yahataw” – it is the Lakota Sioux word for Coyote. Yaw, for short, brings “happy childlike quality into our adult lives” and teaches us “to laugh at ourselves and not take things to seriously”.

It has been a fun summer and catching frogs is always a fun pass time and listening to the local coyotes yelp. Sometimes it is really important to be a child again, enjoy our world and laugh at yourself. Thanks, koyote.





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