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The Republican National Convention ended this week. It was delayed for a day over concerns about Hurricane Issac, a storm which some Republican pundits, such as “run at the mouth” Rush Limbaugh,  blamed on Obama. It also featured a major speech by VP nominee Paul Ryan which was generally panned by nearly everyone for it’s lack of factual statements. Mitt Romney’s speech was, well, expected and boorish and lacking all sorts of detail (something like his tax returns).

Fact Check Romney’s convention speech.

Then, there was the peanut throwing incident. Peanuts were thrown at a CNN employee with the taunts that the peanuts were animal feed. The peanut throwers were removed from the convention hall but not identified (at least not yet). Perhaps someday one of them will write a for-profit book like the former Navy Seal who wrote a book about the raid which killed bin Laden. He’s in a lot of trouble with military officials, who may file charges.
Then, there was also 82 year old Clint Eastwood who famously now scolded an empty chair next to the podium. His performance was rather bizarre.
Their convention was also rocked by angry Ron Paul supporters some of whom stormed out of the convention hall in protest over rule changes in delegate selection.
But overall, the convention was rather ho-hum, boring and typical GOP. Sure they cheered and clapped, the balloons dropped and the band played. But it was a weak show for one of the major political groups in the world’s leading democracy.
I was going to vote for Obama before the convention and now I am convinced he is the best choice for the USA and the world. The democrats are going to have to try real hard to have a convention as lack luster and dumb as the GOP. Thoughts, comments viewpoints?

Some Issues to Think About

Some people I am familiar with insist that Obama is a socialist and/or a Marxist. Yet, these Republican Tea Party folk can not define what constitutes a socialist or a Marxist. Why use words which cannot be defined or even refined? These same folks also insist that the American Civil War was more about states rights and not so much slavery. They will then proceed to bash the Democratic Party for it’s support of the Klan 100 years ago. Here’s a few points to think about.

Abe Lincoln – A Socialist and a Republican

Republicans and the Klan Today

White Supremacist Stampede


Leave a comment or express a viewpoint. Just keep it adult and mature and Thanks. Visit KoyoteHill for some non-political news and have a great Labor Day weekend.


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