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Two important events this week: we honor those killed and those still suffering from the September 11, 2001 attacks, their families, friends and loved ones. Tuesday is a day of reflection and pause.


On Thursday, September 13, the PA Supreme Court begins to hear arguments on the controversial PA Voter ID laws. The court is evenly divided between three Republicans and three Democrats. The current law could earse hundreds of thousands of votes in the upcoming November elections.

Why the law was actually adopted by the Pennsylvania Republicans in both the House and the Senate under the leadership of Gov. Tom Corbett is foggy and unclear;  it would appear there were political calculations involved. Read, GOP wants to help Romney.  Several other Republican states have also adopted the Voter Suppression laws.

For assistance in helping to understand the law call 866-Our-Vote or type the number in a google search engine. More information on the requirements, here.

A good background read on the constitutionality of the PA Voter Suppression Law from The Atlanti

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