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For Immediate Release

Tyler Built, an American company, located in Belsena Mills, PA, announced  the availability of a new, inovative and technological device, which will provide High Speed Internet Service to millions of underserved rural Americans as well as many people throughout the global community.

The small sized device (about the size of a match box), is inexpensive and the convenient installation of the device, will provide high speed internet access to virtually anywhere in the world

. “The driving force for this innovation is to provide persons of all ages access to the learning resources, educational resource, business opportunities and other vital tools needed by our society,” Jeffery Charles Tyler, the inventor, visionary and engineer at Tyler Built, said. “This technology greatly improves the total information that can be transmitted over small wires and other medium starting in the range of MHz to infinity. By itself and combined with other transmission devices, it will change the way the internet is accessed the way we know it today. “

Customer Impact Greatly Improved

Many students, businessmen and women, and other customers in rural USA are under-served with old “dial up” internet service or other expensive and somewhat unreliable services.

“I have spent eight years developing this inexpensive and easily installed device,” Tyler said. “This electronic/regenerator can accept any transmission signal, digital or analogue and repeat, reform, and regenerate that signal for long distance high speed communications. The device can be easily installed into existing telephone lines or other outside cabling

Jeffrey Tyler, Engineer, Visionary, Inventor

“Innovation that connects people with technologies”

Tyler BuiltSM

“Patent Pending” 62069889 Under 35 U.S.C. 111, 35 U.S.C. 371.

Skype: Tyler_Built

Doing what they said could not be done.

For More Information:

VoIP: 813-523-0247

Cell: 727-262-1991

Penn State University EET

St Petersburg College

The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

Jeffrey C Tyler

Mobile: (727) 262-1991

Business: (813) 523-0247

More information and other good news for rural America Discover Koyote Hill


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